Artist Highlight: STRFKR

One track we can’t get enough of this week is “Open Your Eyes,” one of the singles recently released by STRFKR ahead of their new “Being No One, Going Nowhere” album set to release on November 4.

“Open Your Eyes”, much like the other remarkably catchy STRFKR singles released ahead of “Being No One” is melancholy upbeat pop. The lyricism is sometimes sad and nostalgic for better days (i.e. “I know I could die tonight“) but each song contains a glimmer of hope (“Who doesn’t need another friend?“).

This oddly dichotic mixture of sad lyricism set to upbeat pop music is reminiscent of Passion Pit’s opus “Gossamer” LP and sounds like MGMT’s “Oracular” years. Overall, STRFKR’s latest batch of tracks is promising. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel by any measure, but rather is an improvement upon their past work. It’s polished pop, it’s fun as hell, and we can’t wait for this album to drop.

Listen to “Open Your Eyes”, “Tape Machine“, and “Satellite” on Revolution 91.7.

They also play at the Exit / In on December 3, that weekend before finals. Get tickets here.

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