Artist Highlight: Clarence Clarity

We fawned over Clarence Clarity’s self-aware “Those Who Can’t, Cheat” track last year. He’s back with a new song entitled “SAME”, and he’s still one of the most innovative artists out there. His brand of distorted pop sounds like a beautifully messy digital dystopia.

It’s utterly refreshing stuff.

The EP that this track comes on is actually just the same song over five times again. It’s good, so we don’t mind, but we’re left scratching our heads regardless. Clarence is typically out in left field, so stuff like this is to be expected, but the only noticeable difference as far as we can tell on here is the last track. Each prior track ended with a female voice saying “again” while the last track is just a voice saying “99 cents.”

If you can make heads or tails of this, let us know. Maybe we’re looking too deep into this, but it could be an indication of a potential tracklisting or an album related announcement. Maybe. Fingers crossed.

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