Portugal. The Man and Freedom of Speech

by Ryan the Lion

We’re as excited about Portugal. The Man as you are. Their song “Feel It Still” comes with a groovy backbeat and a catchy chorus. But there are more than a few political “Easter eggs” that shed light on some of the issues in today’s world while inspiring reform, more specifically through #theresistance movement.

If you didn’t notice in the music video, such tidbits include “a direct dial to the White House, a video explainer of the legal rights of protesters, donation sites for Planned Parenthood and the ACLU,” as Billboard reports.

The song has been praised for its revolutionary themes. Lead singer John Gourley says he was “trying to write music that would help people feel they’re not alone, even if they’re angry or feeling lost. This video is our way of saying that we’re all in this together.”

However, critics like Uproxx have labeled Portgual. The Man a sellout, calling the band’s newest release a “blandly peppy song” that plays “endlessly in movie trailers, airport bars, and casinos because it won’t inspire a passionate reaction, just mental and emotional blankness.”

What do you think? Do musicians have the right to express their opinions on political and social climates of the world, or should it stay out of controversy to keep us entertained?

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