Weezer: Moving Forward

by Spencer Campbell

Weezer released their new album, “Pacific Daydream,” on October 27th. I decided to look up some of their new songs and noticed that they sound different than the previous albums.

As it turns out, that’s exactly what the band is going for.

Lead vocalist River Cuomo expressed interest in changing the band’s sound in the newer album. Cuomo started by closely studying modern pop music. The band has been experimenting over the years and had some issues which then influenced a break in the bands career, but Cuomo is still going through with it.

Weezer’s old format featured repetitive guitar chords and distortion, and the band made great use of pop culture references like in Beverly Hills, and Buddy Holly. The new album features more diverse musical dynamics that you might find in contemporary pop music. Happy Hour has dropped distortion in favor of background vocals and piano, which shows the influence Cuomo’s research has had on the band.

Weezer hasn’t completely changed their sound, as they still weave in all the good pop culture references and the iconic vocals they’re known for. Weezer seems to be going all out with this change. The question is how long they’ll run with it.

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