Artist Profile: Muse

By DJ Jazzy John

Over the past several years, the members of Muse have molded their band into one of the most influential progressive rock bands of the 21st century. From the humble beginnings of their harder sound in Showbiz to the more electronic, “space rock” style found on albums such as Black Holes and Revelations and The 2nd Law, Muse has most certainly started a legacy that should continue on for years to come.

Earlier this year, lead singer Matt Bellamy stated in an interview that the band plans on releasing their eighth studio album sometime in 2018. Since then, they released one single from the project, “Dig Down,” which may remind listeners of a track Muse released a few years ago called “Madness.” This could indicate that the band is putting together another futuristic sounding album as compared to their most recent effort, Drones, which showcased more of a heavy style of progressive rock.

No matter what type of album Muse decides to create, one can expect to hear more of the same passionate vocals we’ve all grown to love over the past decade. It also wouldn’t surprise me if the band continues to construct material that revolves around the idea of a post-apocalyptic society, especially with all the political tension that surrounds the world on a daily basis.

I’m  looking forward to them releasing another single from the new album. Expectations are high, as they always seem to be when Muse puts out a new record, and I certainly hope they are able to pull through as well as they have since their inception.