The Fratellis Release New Music Video “Starcrossed Losers”

by Ford Parson

In the mid-2000s, there was no shortage of guitar-based indie bands coming out of Britain. In the wake of the Arctic Monkeys and the Libertines came a slew of similar-sounding bands, the sheer volume of which led the UK press to adopt the term “landfill indie.”

Out of the many British bands lumped into this category, Scotland’s the Fratellis were among the most influential. Their debut album Costello Music charted high on the UK charts, and the stadium-friendly single “Chelsea Dagger” gained the band some traction in the States. Today, the Fratellis are still going strong, boosted by a steady following in their native Britain.

This week, the Fratellis released a video for their new single “Starcrossed Losers.” The track will appear on the band’s upcoming fifth album, In Your Own Sweet Time, which drops March 16. The video depicts daily interactions between a couple at various stages of life, all shot in reverse. Meanwhile, the lyrics invoke Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to craft a tragic love story set to music.

The video for “Starcrossed Losers” is streaming now via Billboard, alongside a new interview in which frontman Jon Fratelli talks about its creation. In support of In Your Own Sweet Time, the Fratellis will tour the UK and North America later this Spring. The tour includes a stop at Nashville’s Exit/In on May 21st. Tickets are on sale now at the band’s website.

Starcrossed Losers by The Fratellis on VEVO.

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