Artist Profile: Solar Disco Force

Revolution 91.7 is excited to welcome Solar Disco Force, the self-proclaimed “funkiest band from this side of the galaxy,” to kick off the 15th annual Mayhem music festival this Saturday! These intergalactic spreaders of funk entered our dimension last year, and have been hard at work to thwart the lizard menace of Top 40 radio ever since.

The group is led by talkbox maestro Professor Eclipse, who is accompanied by Sentinel Zohm on saxophone, Comrade Contra on bass, and SAM on guitar and synth. Their robot companion Groove Machine joins them on drums when he isn’t busy recharging. Each member of Solar Disco Force has an impressive musical background from their respective home planets. The band cites the music of outer space as a primary influence, but also takes cues from earthlings such as Daft Punk, Parliament-Funkadelic and Ninja Sex Party.

Solar Disco Force’s debut single “Pelvic Thrust” is an upbeat, other-worldly dance number that combines all the funkiest ingredients for keeping the lizard people at bay. This weekend, the Professor and his loyal recruits will grace the humans of Bowling Green with their presence, spreading their message of dance in support of Rainhill Equine Facility. Join Revolution 91.7 at SoKY Marketplace this Saturday, and dance to save the world!

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