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New Rock 92’s logo, circa 1995. via Special Collections Library.

WWHR-FM signed onto the airwaves branded as New Rock 92 in the fall of 1988. Serving as a broadcasting lab and a unique platform for students in Western’s prestigious school of journalism and broadcasting, New Rock 92 provided a blend of alternative music, news, and student and community interest programming. For close to 13 years, the station transmitted to most of Western’s campus.

In 2001, WWHR became Revolution 91.7 under the leadership of general manager Marjorie Yambor. By the end of the year, a new transmitter with a 30-mile radius increased the station’s reach across Warren County. Today, Revolution is Bowling Green’s preeminent alternative radio station—fully functional, and student-run.


WWHR is WKU’s Hit Radio, Revolution 91.7. As defined by The New Oxford American Dictionary, a revolution is “a dramatic and wide-reaching change.”

The name is fitting—here at Revolution, we want to revolutionize the commercial audio landscape.

rev logo without shadow

Our current logo, featuring Big Red.

A secondary definition of revolution is also applicable – “the movement of a body in orbit”. While college radio shapes the progression of music, it does so with a special regard for its axis: the listening audience. We introduce the sounds of tomorrow to our listeners with a degree of familiarity and accessibility.

WWHR-FM can be enjoyed by listeners of all ages but is mostly enjoyed by young adults
(18-34) that attend Western Kentucky University, as well as young professionals in the heart of Bowling Green. Online streaming has allowed us to reach listeners across the globe.

The station offers a commercial-light blend of the best in today’s alternative. Revolution charts in accordance to the “Adult Album Alternative” or “Triple A” radio format, while expanding rotation to local and regional tastes. Programming also includes news, sports, and genre-specific specialty shows, as well as podcasts available exclusively online.

FCC Public File

WWHR-FM’s Public File can viewed online here


Each year, Revolution gives back to the Bowling Green community. In the past, we’ve teamed up with Rainhill Equine Facility, an incredible place that provides a home for blind and disabled horses.

via Savannah Burke

Revolution has also teamed up with Hope Harbor Shelter and New Beginnings Therapeutic Riding.