Must be a Morning Show: Do you have snakes in your ceiling?

It’s every snake hater’s nightmare: snakes on a plane. Wait, no: snakes in the ceiling.

If you’re a Bowling Green native, no need to pull out your snake-wrangling gear just yet. These wrestling reptiles fell out of a ceiling all the way down in Australia.

Must Be a Morning Show airs every Monday from 6 to 9 AM. Your hosts Left Lane and Sweet T promise to do their very best to keep you informed of any snake-related incidents in the greater Bowling Green area.

Artist Profile: J Roddy Walston & the Business

Revolution 91.7 is excited to welcome our headliner, J Roddy Walston & the Business, to this year’s 15th Annual Mayhem.

Based out of Richmond, Virginia, the band is currently on a tour across the United States that has them heading to Indianapolis, Nashville, Cleveland and of course Bowling Green.

Led by lead singer J Roddy Walston, the band is known for an energetic show that features Walston on the piano. “The Business” now consists of Billy Gordon (lead guitar/vocals), Logan Davis (bass/vocals) and Steve Colmus (drums).

On stage, you will see Walston playing a 1970s Yamaha piano that weighs nearly 300 pounds.

The band cites their influences as Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, Harry Nilsson, T. Rex and Leon Russell.

They released their brand new album, Destroyers Of The Soft Life, last year. The first song released on the album, The Wanting, topped out at #22 on the Alternative charts and has been a favorite of the Revolution staff.

You can see J Roddy Walston & the Business and an exciting lineup of local bands on Saturday at 6pm at the SoKY Marketplace. The event is FREE, but we will be collecting money for Warren County’s Rainhill Equine Facility.

Artist Profile: The Josephines

Revolution 91.7 is proud to welcome the Josephines as part of this year’s Mayhem lineup.

Hailing out of Bowling Green, the Josephines describe themselves as a rag tag group of rock n roll drenched country hoodlums. The band is consisted of singer Brad Tabor, lead guitarist Zach Lindsey, bassist Josh London and steel guitarist Alex Lindsey. 

The Josephines were founded last year and have taken the Bowling Green music scene by storm. They like to consider themselves as a combination of the harmonies of the Eagles, the story telling of Tom Waits or Blaze Foley, the songwriting similar to Tom Petty and the stage presence of the Foo Fighters. It’s safe to say you are in for a good time if you’re watching the Josephines perform.

Recently, the band released their first EP, Sober Up. On it, they featured Grammy Award winner Sam Bush and Greg Martin of the Kentucky Headhunters.

You will be able to see the Josephines live on Saturday at Revolution 91.7’s 15th annual Mayhem. Gates will open at 5pm and the first band will take the stage at 6pm. All of this is at the SoKY Marketplace in downtown Bowling Green and all proceeds will be donated to Rainhill Equine Facility.

Hot Donna had the Josephines on Local Shots this week. You can find their interview below and even hear some live in-studio songs.

Artist Profile: Kenzie Crowe & the Flaming Hots

Revolution 91.7 welcomes Kenzie Crowe & The Flaming Hots to the 15th annual Mayhem lineup!

Kenzie Crowe & The Flaming Hots are a family folk rock band hailing from Bowling Green, KY. Kenzie Crowe fronts the group on lead vocals and guitar/cello, with sister Laila Crowe on backing vocals and violin/mandolin and father Kevin Crowe on drums. The group has also been known to feature mother Carol Crowe and other friends in the Bowling Green music community.

The band released their debut single “Golden Dish” last April, and though new music is in the works, they’re taking their time to craft something special. Meanwhile, the level of musicianship and raw energy of a KC&TFH show will keep you on your toes, and most definitely leave you wanting more.

Hot Donna interviewed Kenzie Crowe last week. Check out that interview here:

Artist Profile: The Rift

Revolution 91.7 welcomes The Rift to the 15th annual Mayhem lineup!

The Rift are an experimental punk rock group hailing from Bowling Green, Kentucky and Brooksfield, Ohio. The four-piece made up of Kai Rogers (guitar, vocals, drums), Spencer Woods (keyboard, vocals), Colton Turley (bass), and Yan Garza (drums) met through WKU’s music program.

If you bring expectations to a Rift show, be prepared to throw them out the door. Although their influences (Morning Teleportation, Cage The Elephant, Red Hot Chili Peppers) are obvious, these guys will take you on a journey that transcends genre and weaves music together in strange and exciting ways.

The Rift released their single “Bird on a Lightpost” in December 2017, followed by the release of their debut album “Wasteland Flaming Sun,” which is available on Bandcamp and most streaming platforms.

The Rift joined Hot Donna on Local Shots a few weeks ago. Listen in here:

Artist Profile: Solar Disco Force

Revolution 91.7 is excited to welcome Solar Disco Force, the self-proclaimed “funkiest band from this side of the galaxy,” to kick off the 15th annual Mayhem music festival this Saturday! These intergalactic spreaders of funk entered our dimension last year, and have been hard at work to thwart the lizard menace of Top 40 radio ever since.

The group is led by talkbox maestro Professor Eclipse, who is accompanied by Sentinel Zohm on saxophone, Comrade Contra on bass, and SAM on guitar and synth. Their robot companion Groove Machine joins them on drums when he isn’t busy recharging. Each member of Solar Disco Force has an impressive musical background from their respective home planets. The band cites the music of outer space as a primary influence, but also takes cues from earthlings such as Daft Punk, Parliament-Funkadelic and Ninja Sex Party.

Solar Disco Force’s debut single “Pelvic Thrust” is an upbeat, other-worldly dance number that combines all the funkiest ingredients for keeping the lizard people at bay. This weekend, the Professor and his loyal recruits will grace the humans of Bowling Green with their presence, spreading their message of dance in support of Rainhill Equine Facility. Join Revolution 91.7 at SoKY Marketplace this Saturday, and dance to save the world!

Artist Profile: Internet Boyfriend

Revolution 91.7 is thrilled to welcome Internet Boyfriend to its 15th annual Mayhem lineup! Originating in Bowling Green and now based in Nashville, this synthy rap project is returning home for an exciting performance to benefit Rainhill Equine Facility.

At the core of Internet Boyfriend is the talented and charismatic Kahlo, who boasts an in-your-face delivery and a commanding on-stage presence. He and his DJ introduced a whole-new live experience for their recent tour in March. In the studio, Internet Boyfriend has used beats produced by tourmates Lambda Celsius, and the six-minute opus “Memories” is a perfect example of their collaboration.

Internet Boyfriend is gearing up for its debut mixtape release, which will follow three singles released through Soundcloud. One of these singles, “New Bachelors,” was given a video in late 2017 and another video is planned for later this year.

Internet Boyfriend will take the stage Saturday for one of six unmissable performances! Stay tuned for more exciting festival updates, and remember to join Revolution 91.7 at SoKY Marketplace for our 15th annual Mayhem. Doors open at 5pm, with the first band starting at 6!

We sat down with Internet Boyfriend last week to learn more about the project:

The Fratellis Release New Music Video “Starcrossed Losers”

by Ford Parson

In the mid-2000s, there was no shortage of guitar-based indie bands coming out of Britain. In the wake of the Arctic Monkeys and the Libertines came a slew of similar-sounding bands, the sheer volume of which led the UK press to adopt the term “landfill indie.”

Out of the many British bands lumped into this category, Scotland’s the Fratellis were among the most influential. Their debut album Costello Music charted high on the UK charts, and the stadium-friendly single “Chelsea Dagger” gained the band some traction in the States. Today, the Fratellis are still going strong, boosted by a steady following in their native Britain.

This week, the Fratellis released a video for their new single “Starcrossed Losers.” The track will appear on the band’s upcoming fifth album, In Your Own Sweet Time, which drops March 16. The video depicts daily interactions between a couple at various stages of life, all shot in reverse. Meanwhile, the lyrics invoke Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to craft a tragic love story set to music.

The video for “Starcrossed Losers” is streaming now via Billboard, alongside a new interview in which frontman Jon Fratelli talks about its creation. In support of In Your Own Sweet Time, the Fratellis will tour the UK and North America later this Spring. The tour includes a stop at Nashville’s Exit/In on May 21st. Tickets are on sale now at the band’s website.

Starcrossed Losers by The Fratellis on VEVO.

Shannon and the Clams Rock a Modern Sock Hop

by Sarah Schulte

Shannon and the Clams are the surf rock band that the world didn’t know it needed.

Shannon Shaw (lead vocals and bass), Cody Blanchard (guitar), Nate Mahan (drums), and Will Sprott (keyboard), came together as Shannon and the Clams after Shaw and Blanchard met at the California College of the Arts and began performing together. Hailing from Oakland, California, the indie garage-punk group fuses doo-wop, R&B, and psychedelia into a nostalgic dreamscape.

The group debuted in 2009 with their album I Wanna Go Home, which featured such tracks as the pulsing Troublemaker that exemplify their raw energy. Their debut album was followed by Sleeptalk (2011), Dreams in the Rat House (2013), and Gone by the Dawn (2015).

The Clams released their fourth LP Onion on February 16th. The Clams take their listeners on a journey through youth and love with this album. Shaw’s gritty rasp is complemented well by Blanchard’s crisp guitar throughout the record.

Even with the simplest melodies, Shaw’s lyrics rip themselves into the hearts of listeners in an amazing display of honest songwriting. There’s just something about them that transports the world back to the Buddy Holly era, so throw on your Sunday best and head on over to the high-school hop.

Shannon and the Clams have kicked off a tour with Dan Auerbach, and they will be at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on Sunday, February 25th. You can listen to their new album Onion on Spotify.


Muse Reveals Details About Upcoming Album, 2019 World Tour

by DJ Jazzy John

Up until this past Thursday, “Dig Down” was the only glimpse of Muse’s eighth studio album we could get. Now, with the release of their new single, “Thought Contagion,” Muse has been more outspoken about their forthcoming project.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Matt Bellamy was not shy about revealing the band’s aspirations for their latest record. He stated that they actually have quite a bit more recording to do before the album is finished, and that he doesn’t expect everything to be completed until this fall.

Because of the prolonged completion, we may not see this record get released until early 2019. However, Bellamy also says that the band plans on releasing at least two more singles leading up to the album’s release date.

Although Muse has never really approached an album in this fashion (releasing several singles before the full length album), Bellamy believes that this will be Muse’s “greatest album in terms of the quality of individual songs.” The lead singer also stated that this format has been “really refreshing to just work on one song at a time and take each song to completion.”

In addition to revealing details about their new album, Muse also spoke about a 2019 headlining world tour while being interviewed at the NME Awards. Matt Bellamy claims:

“We’re going to do the biggest tour and just blow people’s minds with stuff they’ve never seen before. We’re always interested in the latest technology and what’s cutting edge, so we’re always thinking of the new thing that nobody’s ever used before in a concert. And we found something and we’re going to use that.”

On Muse’s previous Drones World Tour, the band performed on an in-the-round type of stage that featured floating “drones” that came out from the ceiling throughout the show. It will be interesting to see what they will have in store for fans in the next couple of years.