From the Air Waves: Cats are Liquid

We’re big animal lovers here at Revolution 91.7.

Last week, Left Lane and Sweet T told you about a curious kangaroo with strange taste in snacks. Today, check out this cat who would put the performers at Cirque du Soleil to shame.

Click this link for the furry friend in question:

Cat turns liquid to get through door… from r/catsareliquid

Turns out this little guy isn’t the only slippery cat. Here are some more videos for your amusement.

From the Air Waves: Baby Kangaroo Eats Toilet Paper

“How is that even tasty?”

Australian camp-goer David Muggleton asked this of a kangaroo he met in a public restroom in South Australia. The kangaroo was munching on toilet paper—yum?

Here’s another video of a similar incident. Is this a normal occurrence in Australia? DJs Sweet T and Left Lane weren’t sure when they talked about it on their show, but they thought you might want to see the videos anyway.

Must be a Morning Show: Do you have snakes in your ceiling?

It’s every snake hater’s nightmare: snakes on a plane. Wait, no: snakes in the ceiling.

If you’re a Bowling Green native, no need to pull out your snake-wrangling gear just yet. These wrestling reptiles fell out of a ceiling all the way down in Australia.

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