Would you like some Suga with that?

Sugadaisy is a band that thrives on positivity, and they want to share that fun with anyone who wants to listen.

On Wednesday, November 1st, Bowling Green pop rock band Sugadaisy came into the Revolution 91.7 studio to discuss their debut EP Hello, goodbye which they released in September of this year. The band also recently released the 80’s-influenced single “Glutton for Pain.” Sugadaisy consists of Johny Lovan, Craig Brown, Parker Hanna, Collin Hancock, Alex Helson, Zac Littleton, and Patrick Duncan.

“Ever since we were little we’ve just been movin’, shakin’. People are just now starting to take note,” Brown said with a joking smile.

What’s interesting about Sugadaisy is that, according to Hancock, “all of [the band members] are more or less songwriters.” This allows for a distinctive, creative sound at the hand of collaboration.

From practiced dance routines to hopes for creating a 90’s-inspired family TV show, Sugadaisy isn’t afraid of stepping into unfamiliar territory. In fact, the band’s 2nd track on their EP, “Keep it Strange,” is an anthem for this uniqueness.

Hancock says of the song, “It’s about living in a small town and feeling a little different from everyone.” But instead of lamenting this situation, the song praises the courage it sometimes takes to be yourself.

It’s hard not to be in a good mood when listening to such lyrics. Paired with catchy keyboard riffs, Brian Wilson vocals, and funky bass lines, you’ll be humming along in the shower in no time.

You can listen to the full interview on the Local Shots SoundCloud page.

Sugadaisy’s music is downloadable here.

Upcoming Shows:

11/15 – Nashville, TN @ The Cobra
w/ Advance Base, The Touch

12/2 – Bowling Green, KY @ The A-Frame
w/ Natchez Tracers