Staff Lists

Our end of year top thirty is a big deal to us. It’s something that we take very seriously, so much so, I just used two consecutive adverbs. It’s a time when Revolution’s staff convenes after pouring through the music that the year had to offer and we collectively make a list that represents a few things:

  • Our favorites.
  • Your favorites (based on listener requests and feedback).
  • Critical response.

In sum, we take the carefully curated songs that soundtracked our lives for a year, and we list them. It’s a tough task – and everyone isn’t always completely happy with how things turn out. It’s also not an infallible list by any means, but we think it best represents us and our listeners. It’s a collective vision.

And as I pour through Revolution’s top thirty lists from the last three years, waves of nostalgia transport me to simpler times. I think of freshman year, when I thought History 102 was a difficult class. I think of my close friends and acquaintances that I’ve made through the radio station. They feel like a second family.

I think of you, dear listeners – the man who drunkenly called me once a week during my shift to request a Stone Temple Pilots song, the woman who requested an Adele song to play because her fiance had just proposed to her and that song meant something to them, the guy who didn’t know the name of the Beck song he wanted to hear – so he sang it to me (It was “Loser.” If we’re honest, that’s the Beck song most people want to hear).

Music is sound that breaks conventions. And these sounds can evoke emotions, shape hearts, and change minds. Music is our personal self, the mangled artifice stripped away momentarily, leaving nothing but life in its actuality.

Without further ado, please enjoy our carefully crafted Top 30 Lists. Here at Rev, we hope that you enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoyed making them.

The Warmest of Regards,

David Hormell
Internet Director

Top 30 2016
Top 30 2015
Top 30 2014
Top 30 2013
Top 30 2012
Top 30 2011
Top 30 2010

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